Stormwater Diversion & Wastewater Treatment / Recycling

Fox Environmental SystemsProtecting Your Business and the Environment - Stormwater Diversion & Wastewater Treatment / Recycling Specialist

Uminex t/a RWS-AP is proud to be an official partner of Fox Environmental Systems Pty Ltd

Our mission is to provide a range of solutions for prevention of stormwater pollution from large open areas together with the treatment and recycling of waste water using Fox’s Australian manufactured products and other cutting edge technologies.

Competitive advantage is vital to our continuing success, and we acknowledge this with our process and designs being reviewed regularly. This ensures that we provide the latest & most reliable technologies available to satisfy changing customer needs.

We have an extensive sales, service and distribution network throughout Australia and have over 3,000 installed systems. We offer the following range of systems:

We are committed to you through quality & service and are dedicated to the protection of your business & the environment.

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