National Disaster Recovery Experts

We are the NWC-DMT NSW representative, for further details please refer to the DMT website - &

The Disaster Management Team of Australia specializes in helping our clients recover from severe and unwanted events. These events can arrive as fire or flood, mechanical failure, contamination, collision, collapse, or storm - often these events are disastrous - affecting people personally and professionally. Without expert assistance, these events can and do cause significant emotional and financial stress.

DMT comprises highly qualified and experienced remediation professionals and organisations – joined as a cooperative and dedicated team across Australia. We are available to help our clients by firstly, investigating the real cause and extent of damage and then undertake all necessary planning, team assembly, leadership and processes to restore the property or business to its previous state, or better in the shortest possible time.

Our clients incude Property Owners, Property Managers, Builders, Project Managers, Loss Assessors, Insurance Companies, Lawyers, Government Agencies and other professionals.

Our services range from simple repair works to the complete reconstruction of major properties – old and new. Importantly, when large events occur in any one location that affect multiple properties, we can draw on additional resources from across Australia to stablise, report on and manage the situation to completion.