Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES) Waste Water Treatment Technology

Advanced Enviro-Septic® is a passive waste water treatment solution which provides a number of benefits over mechanical systems. Passive means that no moving parts, blowers, pumps and other mechanical system components are needed to effectively and safely treat domestic sewage.

The benefits are easy to explain, low / no maintenance, no energy consumption, no spare parts needed, no chemicals, no filters to replace and so on. In a few words: Set and forget!

The System is fully scalable and hence can be used from a single household to installations with several 100,000 kL of waste water per day. Combined installations with Advanced Enviro-Septic® as primary and secondary treatment and conventional tertiary systems components can get the water quality of reusable (Class A+) standard and still use the benefits of the passive system components.

With over a hundred thousand Advanced Enviro-Septic Systems in the ground across the world, Enviro-Septic® Technology has provided onsite wastewater treatment solutions for private residences, subdivisions, cluster communities, resort communities, hotels, ski resorts, restaurants (including a number of McDonald’s), state and national parks, laundromats, shopping malls, farms, offices, condominium/apartment complexes and numerous other commercial facilities.

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UMINEX t/a RWS-AP develops, delivers and maintains Waste Water Treatment Schemes throughout Australia and Asia Pacific.